CRYPTOART Culture & Four Emerging Trends

As we navigate the evolving landscape of CRYPTOART, it is clear that this cultural movement is poised to redefine the art world. In this article, we will explore the culture of CRYPTOART, cultural significance, as well as trends that are likely to shape the CRYPTOART space in the year ahead.
ByRichelle SteynJul 5, 202414 mins

The Yuga Labs Business Model & the 2024 Super Punk World Collection Wobble

Yuga Labs and their Yuga Ecosystem is a start-up success story. Is this a USA-specific once-off, or is Yuga’s success based on sustainable web3 foundations that can inform start-ups in other parts of the globe? Let’s look at their business model.
ByRichelle SteynJun 23, 202422 mins

Art Stoke Commons: A New CRYPTOART Ecosystem

Art Stoke Commons is a new concept for a crypto-art ecosystem that provides a pathway for emerging artists to start and maintain their art careers.
ByRichelle SteynApr 16, 20243 mins
TFP Tech for Palestine
Written as a letter to a child in Gaza by ‪@ChrisHedgesChannel‬, the film takes the audience on a haunting & realistic journey through Gaza today from a child’s perspective imbued with guilt of a foreign journalist. Stylish, artistic, horrifying, yet hopeful that we can do better. We must.