WEB3 Art Education: A Request for Information

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa decreased to 60.7% in Q2 2023 from 62.10 percent in Q1 2023. The youth unemployment rate refers to the share of the workforce aged 15 to 24 that is currently not working but is actively searching for work. The rate increased by 1.7 percentage points (+3.41 percent) in 2022, reaching its highest value in the observed period. The youth unemployment rate for 2021 was 49.86%, a 6.37% increase from 2020.

Brave Search Summary | https://tradingeconomics.com/south-africa/youth-unemployment-rate

Could Web3 Art provide a much-needed new economy for the creation of work and worth in Southern Africa? I’m visualising a beautiful, secure art center where human beings without priviledge can be mentored and supported while gaining access to shared computers, electronics, equipment and creative materials, to learn and develop digital / technical skills as well as excavate and nuture creative talent; where they can learn about web3 art and web3 economy with the goal of creating and minting NFT collections (create digital assets) as well as managing these digital assets to build income and worth.

Request for Information

I am looking for information about your experience in doing, or trying to do something similar to the above: formal or informal organisations, projects, case studies, success / no-success stories, lessons learnt, research, teaching models / curriculums, open source free art-related resources (Inkscape, Krita, GIMP etc.) as well as business models and recommendations on how to fund and sustain this type of initiative.

Comment below or email me directly on richelle@artstoke.co.za

Richelle Steyn
Richelle Steyn

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